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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

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A Mobile-Friendly Website or Web Design means that the website can automatically adjust to mobile device screens of all sizes.

Google’s Viewpoint On
Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google believes mobile technology is changing the world. Today, more and more people have smartphones. In fact, some countries have more smartphones than personal computers. Therefore, Google’s belief is that websites should be mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t fit for mobile devices, it can slide down rankings drastically.

Certainly, billions of people use Google for searches. As a result, their goal is to provide searchers with the best results and fastest experience on mobile devices and personal computers. Having errors on any platform can significantly hinder a website’s ranking.

Subsequently, Google has provided a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to test websites to ensure they are compliant. The picture on the right is what you will see if your website is compliant.

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All Our Sites Are Mobile Friendly

Our websites adjust to all devices and browsers. Not only are we 100% Google-compliant, but we also make sure the user experience is enjoyable.

Furthermore, we ensure the page is simple and easy to navigate (like how you got here). As a result, buyers understand exactly what you offer and know how to make a purchase.