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Business Directory Submission

Business Directory Submission

Directory submission is defined as sending a company’s web address and information to online business directories.
By doing so, the business gets listed on multiple platforms, ultimately helping with ranking and building links.
Most importantly, this process helps build a website’s reputation.

How Does Directory Submission Work?

Directory submission works by submitting a company’s information to an online company directory. Once approved, the directory agency displays a link back to the company website so visitors can find the product or service they are searching for.  

Although there are hundreds of online directories, few are worth working with. Some directories can hurt a business’ ranking. Therefore, our job is to ensure we get you listed on the most popular and credible listings.

Business Directory Submission how it works

Simply Put:
Directory submissions

attract traffic
to a company’s website.

Why Is Directory Submission Important?

Directory submissions get a business on relevant listings and help with Off-Page search engine optimization. Furthermore, it helps with attracting traffic to a company website. Ultimately, it helps increase page ranking and build the authority of the website.

Finally, it’s important for search engines to find a business listed on credible online directories. This builds the reputation of a business website. We identify your business and submit it to the appropriate categories on reputable online directories. By doing so, your website will build stronger credibility with search engines.

What We Do

First, we will need your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). Additionally, we will need a brief description of your business.  We can assist with an effective description to attract buyers.  

Afterward, we will begin manually submitting your business information to credible online directories. Unfortunately, this process can take some time. Therefore, the sooner we start this, the better for your business.

Furthermore, we will optimize each business directory for full conversion. By doing so, the business directories will rank your business higher.

Finally, will work with you to solicit customer feedback and boost your ranking.

Directory submission What we will do