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Your business website needs the right content to attract consumers in your industry.
Creating a successful and ranking website doesn’t stop at expert design. You need continuously updated content.
After understanding your company, we write content with common keywords that works to bring you more business.

Industry-Specific Content

Our expert content writers do no waste your time (and ours) writing content that isn’t relevant to your business, industry, or location. While breaking news about something unrelated could get your website attention, it makes no sense in the long run. Ultimately, we are looking to bring you customers that are already searching for things related to your product or services.

Our writers pride themselves in being able to write eye-catching and expert content for any industry or topic. Whether you make metal signs or software, we can provide content that is both relevant and useful for the niche field.

Content Writing Around Keywords

Keywords can be a strange and scary thing. On one hand, working commonly-searched words into your content is an efficient and longstanding way to garner the attention of web searchers. On the other hand, using too many of them can actually cause your page to rank lower. The thin line is something that we, as digital marketers, work to understand.

Let us handle the fickle world of keywords. As SEO experts, our writers take the time to look over relevant keywords in your industry. After compiling an extensive and analytical list, we will begin implementing them into your website naturally. Forcing keywords is a quick way to lose the attention of Google and other search engines. Theoretically, if we are writing content relevant to your industry, the keywords should flow into the content organically.

Keyword research can take precious time and resources from your business. Let us do it for you.

Website Pages

Once a customer or potential client finds their way to your website, it’s time to hook them with your product or services. That’s advertisement, after all.

In the modern age, company culture is crucial to both employees and clientele. Furthermore, explaining your product, services, company mission, and other facets of business information is critical to keeping the customer around. Therefore, once we understand your business and ideals, we work to formulate pages that explain everything the customer needs to know.

We build pages such as Home, About us, Product or Service, Service Area, Contact Forms, and so on. For example, check out all of our accompanying pages on the menu above.

As always, we work to naturally place industry-specific keywords throughout every page and copy.

Website Articles

As a specialist in your industry, what is your contribution to the niche and market?

Our expert content creators craft and write evergreen articles and blog posts for your business website. Not only do these articles help get the attention of clients, but they also help show your contribution to Google, increasing your ranking and search results. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry is heavily important in setting an ethos for all potential clientele.

For example, check out our article right here on Bus Web Design, How to Find the Target Audience for Your Small Business.

Like the aforementioned article, our writers will take the time to research and put together compelling and useful information, establishing your website as a formidable member of the industry.