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As an internet marketing service, our work doesn’t stop at stellar web design. After creating a fantastic website for your company, we continue throughout the SEO process. Mostly, this work includes the building and formation of relevant backlinks within your industry and location.
A difficult and arduous process, let our digital marketing agency handle backlinking for you.

What Are Backlinks?

When a website places an embedded link on its copy, that’s backlinking. The link goes to the attributing website, giving them credit for a quotation or recommendation.

Google and other search engines look at backlinks as a crucial aspect of ranking and domain dominance. If other websites are talking about your website, it is more likely to get noticed and pushed onto search results.

Simply put, as digital marketers, it’s our job to get other relevant websites to mention and link your site.

Registering Your Business With Reputable Directories

Building a repertoire of backlinks starts with formulating the ones we can address ourselves. Our SEO experts start by getting your business and website linked to all directories like Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Local directories, and Apple Maps.

Not only do these links boost your SEO score, but they also allow customers to find you in all corners of the internet. Ultimately, if a potential client is searching for your business on Yelp or Maps, it should appear.

Two birds with one stone!

Industry-Related Websites

We find websites within your business industry and try to get your company mentioned on them. For example, if you run a car-selling business, your website should be linked to car forums and other marketplace directories.

As an internet marketing service, Bus Web Design will handle all the legwork involved in building these links. We will post relevant content that others will want to link to. We will also reach out to reputable websites for link opportunities.

Local Websites

Like industry-related sites, your company should also be listed on websites that deal with your area. For example, if your car-selling business is in Philadelphia, you should be listed on websites that speak of Philadelphia businesses.

Once again, we find and address these directories for you.

Reputable Backlinks Only

Some internet marketing companies may offer you a heaping amount of backlinks in record time. While that may seem wonderful, it can be detrimental to your business.

Consequently, getting linked to seedy or spammy websites can end up hurting your search engine ranking, placing you on a blacklist of sorts. It ends up being a contradiction to the overall goal.

The only way to get useful backlinks is through hard work and dedication. Any quick and easy backlink is probably a bad idea.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze your top-ranking competitors and see if there are opportunities to get your company listed on sites they’ve been listed on.

For example, we will look at other car-selling businesses in the Philadelphia area and see what backlinks they have. This competitive research points us in the right direction, allowing us to find the best places to promote your business.