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Why Work With Bus Web Design

As a business, you need to be visible on search engines. When a potential client searches for relevant companies on the internet, your site should appear at the top of the results. As digital marketers and web designers, that’s our mission. Let’s get you to the top. Here’s how we do it:

First, we build a fast, mobile-friendly website that passes Google’s website test. You need to be in the green!

Second, we write captivating content that’s clear and simple to read. Search engines, and more importantly, consumers, love clear and simple content.

Third, we start building relevant and local links to your website. This builds your reputation online and significantly helps with ranking.

Anyone can do it, but most business owners don’t have the time.
That’s why we are here.

Understanding your Business - Bus Web Design

1. We Take Care of It All

Bus Web Design provides an all-in-one solution to business owners. From back-end server work to front-end web development and internet marketing, we deliver the complete package.

You know your business well. We know web design and internet marketing well. When we partner, you can focus on the business, and we will take care of the traffic.

Our quality of service reflects the work we do. Our commitment is to develop and grow your business by getting you in front of consumers. Your growth is our success.

2. We Share in the Success

Bus Web Design has an attractive commission-based partnership model. In short, the more conversions you have, the more we make together. As a result, our goal is to get you as much business as we can!

Contact us to discuss how the model works. There’s no fee to start. However, you must successfully meet our qualifications to participate.

In summary, our team develops the website and starts internet marketing for your company. For every successful conversion, you pay us a fee.

Please note that only specific industries can participate in this partnership.

We Share in Sucess Bus Web Design
Build the Right Website - Bus Web Design

3. Build Google-Centric Website

Web Coding is crucial to ranking well. Again, check our score with Google’s website test. We build your company website with similar scores. In addition to clean coding, here’s a list of features in our service.

  • Google-Focused Coding
  • Fast, Business-Grade VPS Server
  • Mobile-and-Desktop-Compatible Website
  • Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics
  • Business Domain Name
  • Connect with Quality Directories
  • Business Logo (If needed)
  • Business Email (cannot use for email marketing)
  • SSL Secure
  • Business Pages: Home, About Us, Products or Services, Contact Us, etc.
  • Natural Keyword Placement

4. Write Regular Content

Online businesses must have compelling content and continue to produce ongoing copy. After developing the core pages, we write industry-specific articles with natural keyword placement.

Our articles are current and help consumers find answers to common questions. As more and more visitors peruse the content, search engines rank the website higher.

Afterward, we will elicit feedback from you and write skyscraper content around common keywords in your industry.

Write Content - Bus Web Design
Link Building - Bus Web Design

5. Link Building Relevant, Local, Industry-Related

Link building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO. While it is difficult, we take the ethical and hard-working approach.

For example, we reach out to relevant and local websites that mention businesses in your industry and get your company mentioned. In addition, we find “top-ten” websites with industry-related lists and work to get you mentioned there.

If you produce anything newsworthy, we reach out to news media and get your company mentioned.

Finally, we research all your top competitors and see if there are opportunities to get you mentioned on similar websites.

6. Increase Business

With our work, we firmly believe we will increase your business within a few months (and keep it growing).

Most business owners can do web development and internet marketing themselves. However, it takes a lot of time, trials, and growing pains.

With our years of experience helping multiple businesses grow, we can do it right the first time.

We would like to get to know more about you and your business. Let’s discuss the potential.

Increase Business Bus Web Design