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Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting
Say “No” To Shared Hosting

VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server that virtually dedicates a section of physical server for dedicated hosting. The resources and bandwidth is dedicated only to the user of the hosting and not shared.

Why Do I Need VPS Hosting?

A business website must have dedicated resources to develop and maintain its online presence. For instance, when consumers are looking for products or services, the business website should load fast and provide a pleasant experience for the buyer.

In contrast to VPS, shared hosting shares resources with other sites. In other words, your business should not be competing for server resources with other websites during peak hours.

In summary, you don’t want to bottleneck your online prescience. All reputably business use VPS or higher.

VPS Hosting Why Need
VPS Hosting We Only Use benifits

Benefits of VPS

First, websites have stability in performance due to the fact that the resources and bandwidth are not shared with hundreds of other websites. To clarify, when we say hundreds, we are not exaggerating. We surveyed popular hosting providers and asked how many other websites do they host on each shared hosting plan. Their response was on-hundred on average. Unfortunately, that does not count for each member connecting multiple domains.

Second, the dedicated resources. In other words, the CPU power, the disc space and RAM is dedicated only to the website. These resources are never shared.

Third, consistency with website performance. In contrast, shared hosting websites will suffer in performance and load speed when other websites on the same server start using up resources. For example, this happens a lot furring peak business hours when you need your website to load fast for potential customers.

We Only Use VPS

Due to the intermittent nature of shared hosting, we rely only on VPS hosting for all our clients. Furthermore, we concentrate on building businesses and their brands. Therefore, resources should be dedicated only for our client websites for speed and ranking.

VPS Hosting We Only Use