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Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Business Growth

Digital, internet online marketing refers to promoting a business in the online platform. This is conducted through an informative website that conveys the business, it’s products and services. Digital marketing agencies help businesses in online marketing by perform search engine optimization (SEO), adding directories, promoting backlinking, producing useful content and social media marketing.

Steps To Build Online Internet Marketing

1. Build A Google Friendly Website

Private Virtual Server (VPS) Hosting

Your website should never share resources with hundreds of other websites. In short, that is what shared hosting does. Your business website should always be fast and resources are only used for your website alone.

Clean Coding

The website design must have clean, clear coding that is optimized for search engines.

Keyword Optimization

Search engines crawlers try to figure out what your website is all about. With our decades of experience, we know how to appropriately optimize your website so search engine crawlers precisely understand your business.

Pass Google’s Page Test.

A score of 90 or above is recommended. In other words, Google wants their users to have a fast, error-free experience when they visit a site ranked by Google. Therefore, make sure your website scores 90 or above. The website’s code must be optimal for performance.

Search Engine Friendly

Appropriate search engine indexing needs to be initiated so search engines can lean more about your website. By making your website search engine friendly, you allow the search engine robots (robot.txt) to gain access and index your site. We register your website to multiple search engines manually and optimize the robot.txt file appropriately.

Mobile Friendly

More mobile devices search for businesses over desktops and laptops. Google Search Console actually analyzes website for “Mobile Usability.” Therefore, if a site has mobile issues, google will flag it as a problem.

Have SSL Certificate on the Website.

SSL websites keep sensitive data secure. as a result, the visors are protected and it builds reputation for websites. As of 2018, Google has made SSL mandatory and it helps with ranking.

Dedicate IP Address

Your website must have a dedicate IP address that is assigned only to you. For example, shared hosting plans, even if they claim to be business plans, share the same IP address with hundreds of other websites. if any one of them abuse their online presence, it negatively affects your website. We make sure you have your own dedicated IP that has never been blacklisted.

Digital Marketing Google Friendly Website

Online Marketing Keyword Optimization

Mobile Friendly Website

Website SSL security

Digital Marketing Fast Server

2. Put It On Fast Server

We put your website on it’s own, dedicated virtual private server. This means your website has it’s own resources and never shares it. It never fluctuates in performance and is steady during business peak hours.

Search engines are dynamic. From our testes, we have seen slow performing websites decrease in ranking during peak hours and increase during off hours. This is due to shared hosting. All of our clients are on their own, optimized private hosting.

Fast websites are one of the ranking factors for search engines. Serious businesses are never on a shared hosting plan. We take our work seriously and, help help our clients grow.

3. Connect To Google Platforms

Google My Business (GMB)

After the website is fully developed, we will connect it to all of the necessary google marketing platforms. First, we will create and connect your business to Google My Business (GMB). As a result, we will be able to get the business on Google maps. Additionally, we will manage the online review, photos, Q&A, movies and create posts to build awareness.

Google Search Console

Next, we will connect the website to Google Search Console. After optimization, all the web pages will be submitted to the search console for indexing. The search console will always monitor the site for any errors and provide performance metrics.

Google Analytics

Finally, Google Analytics will be connected to allow us more information on visitor behavior. With this data, we will be able to adjust our page optimization based on visitor behavior.

Digital Marketing Google Platforms all
Digital Marketing Business Directory Submission

4. Submit to Online Directories

In addition to a website, an online presence also includes being listed on the relevant online directories. Examples include Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Business, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Yellow pages, Yelp, local business journals and industry specific listings.

We will manually start the work and get your company listed on all the reputable business directories. By doing so, not only will you be listed on multiple sources, but also build your reputation with Google.

5. Regularly Post Quality Content

It’s very important to publish helpful content regularly on the website. Think of it as a physical store. We like to see updates on the window, new specials and helpful tips about the product or service. Similarly, so too does an online business need to keep regular updates on it’s product or services. Our digital marking agency we will write content to keep your website fresh and ranking well with Google.

Digital Marketing Content Writing

Relevant Backlinks

6. Build Relevant Backlinks

For instance, other websites need to find you and eventually refer their visitors to your business website. We start reaching out to companies in your industry and ask them to mention your company on their site.

The more high quality backlinks your business has, the strong the reputation it develops.

Business should be careful of paid backlinks that automate this service. Most of the time, they are backlinks to spam websites. As a result, search engines can potentially blacklist your website, which is would be detrimental to your business.

Our team manually reaches out to companies and websites to promote your business. We contact agencies within your business area and target industry specific links. We never automate our backlink work and work hard to get you real links.