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Pricing Options

Option 1 Pricing Commission Based (Partnership) buswebdesign

Option 1: Commission-Based (Partnership)

With Option 1, the web development and online marketing are based on a partnership program. We bring the business to you, and you share a portion of the profits with our organization.

In this model, we make money when you make money.

In summary, we will handle all the web development, content writing, backlink growth, and online reputation development.

This option does require an interview process and only particular industries can participate.

  • $400 setup and commitment fee. No monthly fees afterward.
  • Share a % of your profits as payment per month. Only pay for business that we bring to you.
  • We get to know your business. We meet with the owner(s) or managing partners.
  • Only one industry per location. Example: If you are a Project Management company in Denver, you are the only company in that industry that we will work with in Denver. We don’t partner with your competitors.
  • Professional content writers with English majors. We use internal employees. Never outsourced.
  • We handle all Internet Marketing and SEO. You handle your business. You only pay for business that converts and makes you money.
  • In this partnership, we will own the domain, content, and online marketing. Requires qualification.
  • Includes everything in Option 2 (except the monthly fee).
Option 2 Flat Fee (Monthly)

Option 2: Flat Fee (Monthly)

For a flat monthly fee, we will handle all your web development and online marketing

First, we will get to know your business. We take the time to understand how you make money and the products and services you sell.

Second, we will build the structure of the website. Including the landing page, about us, products, and services, and contact us. Afterward, we will start to develop pages related to your industry that customers are searching for (keyword-based).

We develop these pages based on monthly search metrics that Google publishes. We target search terms that have the most searches and are easy to rank with. Afterward, we go after more difficult terms to build your online reputation.

Third, we research the top competitors in your industry. We take an analysis of all the companies that appear on page one. We take the best practices and create your website.

Fourth, we write compelling content that’s helpful to your customers. Our content writers are internal employees with English majors and plenty of experience.

Fifth, we connect everything to all Google platforms. For example, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Maps, and Google Analytics.

Finally, we start link building and getting your company mentioned on all the local and relevant external websites.

  • Flat Monthly Fee – Rates vary based on industry.
  • Fully hosted business website (Never shared). The website will be green with Google, GTmetrix, Pingdom, etc.
  • Google-focused coding.
  • Content Writing – At least one article every 2 weeks (internal employees with English majors).
  • Business Email (restrictions apply).
  • Business Logo (if needed).
  • Google Platforms (Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics).
  • Mobile-Friendly Design (Will pass Google mobile test).
  • Directory Submissions (relevant and/or local only).
  • Digital Marketing and SEO.
  • Backlink Development — Relevant and or local. Manual work each day. Never outsourced.
Enterprise level Web Development and Internet Marketing

Enterprise Solutions

Geared towards medium-to-enterprise-level businesses. Corporate as SEO Services for large-scale SEO strategies. 

  • Multiple articles focused on skyscraper articles. Creating an amalgamation of all relevant information on the subject (ongoing).
  • Extensive competitor analysis and implementation.
  • Team of employees working on relevant backlinks.
  • Google Analytics to adjust the SEO strategy.
  • 100’s of industry-related pages around Google monthly searches.
  • Local and national SEO.

A Great Website Takes Time and Planning

Do it right the first time.
We plan and design around Google.
Then we start 360 marketing.

James Goldsmith

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” – James Goldsmith