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Business Development Process

First, we build a business website that’s mobile-friendly and search-engine optimized. Second, we fill the website with attractive content that helps consumers find your product or service when they search online. Third, we build industry-relevant, location-relevant backlinks to your site to build authority. It’s simple in concept, but it takes a lot of hard work.

Overall, businesses should partner with a web development and internet marketing company that
builds the right type of site and then continuously grows it online.
Here’s how we do it.

Bus Web Design process

Understanding your Business - Bus Web Design

1. Understanding Your Business

First, we need to understand your business and how it fits into our internet marketing and business development strategy. Whether your company has been in business for years or is just starting, we can do it.

In addition, we will research your competitors and businesses that rank on page one of Google. Our team will review what gets them to page one and start the process of getting your business there. Typically, the three common factors are perfect web coding (test a website here for coding), customer-focused content, and backlinks pointing to the site. Our job is to bring you success in all three areas.

Finally, we need to understand your product or service, how you provide it, and how it helps your customers. We will need to make sure it meets our level of standards. If it does not, we can make recommendations for improvement and continue.

Build the Right Website - Bus Web Design

2. Build the Right Website

Our goal here is to bring as many customers as possible to your product or service. Therefore, we build one type of website. The website will have precise and clean code, will be mobile compliant, search-engine-optimized, fast, and be on its own virtual server.

We are not a custom web developer. We build one type of website, and it runs perfectly. Unfortunately, many business owners have web development companies develop overly-glamorous websites that end up not ranking. This is because search engines use “website load speed” as a ranking factor.

When a website has too much going on, it takes longer to load. As a result, search engines rank them lower. Why is that? Because users don’t like to wait for loading times. Get them in and out quickly.

Test our current website on Google’s website speed test. Your website needs to be in the green. We build one type of website that will always be green with Google.

Write Content - Bus Web Design

3. Write Content (Ongoing)

Our content writers are English majors and content specialists. We take time to understand your business and develop content around it. Moreover, we make a list of relevant keywords that consumers are searching for and naturally place them throughout your content.

We stick to long-tail keyword phrases for difficult terms, allowing you to get to the top of search results easily. Our expert content can help anything rank.

In addition, we write at least one skyscraper article a week to keep the website updated with search engines. Our content is ongoing and keeps the business fresh.

Connect with Google - Bus Web Design

4. Connect With Google

We will get your business connected with Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Google My Business is where we manage how your company shows up on Google Maps. This has to be optimized as well. For example, your company information, how users can contact you, the list of services you provide, connecting your website, and managing your reviews needs to be accurate and updated. We will also upload pictures and videos about your business.

That’s right. We even do videos, too!

Google Analytics is to review the traffic coming to your website and its demographics. In addition, we can review trends and make adjustments to provide more helpful content to users, boosting visitor counts.

Google Search Console helps us submit pages and articles to Google for indexing. It helps us monitor the presence of your business with Google’s search results.

In summary, we handle all aspects of connecting your business with Google.

Relevant Directories - Bus Web Design

5. Relevant Directories

Not all directories are the same. There are good directories and there are directories that can hurt your business’ ranking. You need to be on the right ones.

Directories with ads or spammy-looking sites will hurt your ranking. We make sure you are on the popular ones. Google Maps and Apple Maps are the type you want to be on.

In addition, some websites rank businesses by industry and location. We want your business to be listed in its top ten.

Link Building - Bus Web Design

6. Link Building (Ongoing)

One of the most difficult aspects of ranking is having backlinks to your business site. We know it’s difficult, but we work hard at it.

We find industry-related websites and contact them to see if we can get your business mentioned on its own site. Moreover, we reach out to local websites in your industry and see if they will list your company’s information.

Finally, we conduct competitor analysis and look for opportunities to gain similar backlinks. This takes a lot of time and effort. We keep at it and keep getting relevant backlinks.

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

Building a Flashy Website. That’s it

New business owners find a company to build a flashy website with detailed graphics and designs. It’s a great feeling to look at your company site with admiration. However, that’s as far as it gets.

If the site sits online and no one visits it, it’s like you built a hoverboard that no one knows about it.

You need to work with a company that builds the website, scores very well with coding, and continues to add valuable content. Flashy isn’t necessarily successful.

Buying Cheap Shared Hosting Plans – $1.99/month

All the cheap hosting plans have at least a hundred other websites sharing the same IP and resources. If one domain sends out spam emails, it ruins the IP for everyone else. As a result, your IP can get blacklisted for something you didn’t do. Check if your domain is blacklisted here.

In addition, it splits load times amongst multiple sites. For example, if another domain is streaming videos, the shared server is using more resources. As a result, your business website will load slower, impacting your ranking.

Using a Freelance Company or Website

A business owner will find online freelancers promising them the world. Hundreds of high-quality backlinks, website development, citations, and directory services. Every freelancer will claim to be an expert. These freelancers can actually hurt your business!

Make sure you are working with digital marketers that understand and adhere to Google’s detailed rules.

Buying Hundreds of “Quality” Backlinks or Drip Feed Backlinks

Business owners hurt their online reputation when they go for quick fixes. For example, when you buy backlinks, it’s a big no-no with search engines. Search engines are very smart and adaptable, with AI that’s more intelligent than us (scarily). These processes know when backlinks are bought or inorganic. Real backlinks take a lot of work. None of the freelance services work on real backlinks.

Once you make this mistake and buy spammy links, you will need to manually take your link off each website or disavow each link with Google.

Directory Service or Citations

One may think that getting hundreds of directories pointing to your business site will provide some great backlinks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You need quality directories. Most of the directories used by freelancers are spammy and hurt online reputations.

Google Maps Pins

It’s amazing to see a freelancer promise 7,000 Google pins around your business. What will Google’s algorithm think of this? Legitimate or spam?

Hint: it’s spam.

Content Writing Gigs

The majority of content writers on freelance websites are from overseas. English is not their primary language. They have horrible grammar and use content-generating software that writes poor content. Do it right the first time and have someone with an English major write helpful content.

Our writers are experts in both content creation and grammar. Everything we write for your website is both efficient and correct.