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Apartment Real Estate Design and Marketing

Need help building a fast and reliable website for your Apartment real estate company?
As a digital design and web marketing company, Bus Web Design can help you create a site that
garners the attention of Google and other customers. We have a proven track record of providing results.
Here are some of the things we offer:


User-Friendly Web Design

As a real estate company, you know customers do not want to spend their time navigating through a cluttered website. They want to see the apartments listed and move on.

As a company, you want your clients to be able to understand your services and reach you quickly.

Our web design starts with creating a fast and efficient website. We believe that clean coding and layouts are the key to getting new customers and Google rankings.

Built for Mobile, Too

Furthermore, everyone uses mobile today. In fact, the majority of internet browsers are on mobile devices right now.

Therefore, we design all of our websites to adhere to the standards of mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Don’t lose a potential client because your website is slow and cluttered on mobile. Let us build a mobile-friendly site for you.


Let’s Get You Listed

Ever heard of platforms like Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics?

If not, that’s okay. That’s our specialty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins with getting your business and site listed on all of Google platforms.

The goal is to be the top result when someone searches for a real estate agent on Google or map services. That’s our goal, too.

Regularly Publish Content

Think we stop there? Of course not!

Getting you to the top of Google rankings involves constantly-updated content. Even if just new copy, you need new work to keep your site relevant.

Our team of digital marketers and content creators takes the time to write consistent and new pages for your site. From articles to blog posts, we do it all.

Furthermore, we work to include industry-specific keywords naturally, getting you more attention.