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Sign Company Design and Marketing

Need help building a fast and reliable website for your Sign company?
As a digital design and web marketing company, Bus Web Design can help you create a site that
garners the attention of Google and other customers. We have a proven track record of providing results.
Here are some of the things we offer:


Simplistic Coding and Design

As a sign company, you know the importance of simplicity. For a business sign to be successful, it needs to stand out. But it also needs to get the point across.

We’re on the same page here. As a web design company, we believe that the best websites are visually pleasing and simple. Let’s get the point across without taking up too much bandwidth.

We will register and build you a website that is designed to be fast and efficient in Google’s algorithms.

Mobile-Friendly Design in Place

How many people use their cell phones to look for businesses and services? Everyone? Exactly.

Therefore, having a business website that adheres to all mobile standards is crucial in gathering the most attention.

It is the 21st century, after all. If you aren’t mobile, you aren’t living!

We design all of our websites to be just as powerful and effective on all mobile platforms like iOS and Android.


Google Is King for
Digital Marketing

Just like that rhyme, we stand by Google design.

If you want to get the attention of potential clients, your website must be ranking on search engines like Google. Luckily, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing teams understand this.

Ultimately, our first step is to get your site listed on all Google platforms. Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics are all crucial.

Then, our content creators post regular keyword-based content on your site, helping Google rankings.

Backlinks and Other SEO

Along with getting your website listed on all maps, locational services, and registries, we also work to improve your overall SEO.

Firstly, we continuously post eye-catching and informative copy on your site. We have expert writers (that’s me) who will keep up with your business.

Secondly, we reach out to other websites within similar industries to get backlinks. We work to get your site listed on other sites, improving your Google score.

The overall mission is to get your new site and pages listed at the top of Google’s search results.