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Lumber Services Design and Marketing

Need help building a fast and reliable website for your Lumber services or business?
As a digital design and web marketing company, Bus Web Design can help you create a site that
garners the attention of Google and other customers. We have a proven track record of providing results.
Here are some of the things we offer:


Quick Coding With Green Goals

As a lumber business, you understand the importance of speed and proficiency within the field. When a client wants work done, they want it done fast.

We believe the same concepts should go into web design. Therefore, we create business websites that are fast, simple, and efficient for all visitors.

We make sure every site scores green with Google.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Don’t lose potential clients by having a website that can’t handle being viewed on mobile devices.

The majority of internet browsers are on their phones, so your site should adhere to that. Therefore, as designers, we make sure all of our websites are mobile-friendly and adhere to operating systems like Android and iOS.

Everyone is on the go. So should your website.


We Get You on Google

After designing a stellar site for your business, we focus on getting you listed on all Google directories and related platforms.

We start with getting correct business information on Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Then, we focus on getting your business placed on all maps and GPS applications.

Once you are listed everywhere, we start working on SEO, pushing your website up the Google ranks.

Content Creation Continuously

Once you have placement on the internet, the work doesn’t stop. Our team of digital marketers work with you throughout the entirety of your internet presence.

Our expert content creators take the time to write ongoing and ever-green articles, blog posts, and copy on your website.

Not on will the relevant content relate to your customers, but it will naturally include keywords, helping your Google rankings.