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Janitor Services Design and Marketing

Need help building a fast and reliable website for your janitor services or business?
As a digital design and web marketing company, Bus Web Design can help you create a site that
garners the attention of Google and other customers. We have a proven track record of providing results.
Here are some of the things we offer:


Keep Coding Clean

As a janitorial company or services, you know that the cleaner, the better.

As a web design company, we have to agree with you. We believe that the best business websites are both powerful and clean. Leave the obnoxious and jumbled pages in the dust (dust, get it?).

We start the web design process by creating a site that is simple and effective. Speed is the key to impressing search engines. Our sites stand by efficiency.

Private VPS for Each Site

We don’t put your website on a shared server like other companies. Not only does this slow down your load times, but it ties your reliability to other sites.

All of our sites are on their own, virtual servers. This allows for better speed, reliability, and accountability.

Don’t get blacklisted for something another site does. Run your business your way.


We Get You Noticed

SEO success starts with being on search engines. We make sure to get your business on Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Let’s get you out there!

Furthermore, if a client can’t find you, then what is the point? Getting onto Google Maps and other locational services is critical to company success. We work to get you to the top of results.

Our goal, as a digital marketing team, is to get you to the top of all search results in your industry and area.

New Content Weekly

We don’t just stop at effective web design. Our expert content creators work to create industry-specific copy for your website on a regular basis.

We have a team of writers and video producers ready to create evergreen content for your site, including a variety of natural keywords.

Ultimately, having a great site isn’t enough. You need ongoing information and entertainment to get new customers and the appreciation of Google analytics.

We will handle it.