Google My Business Logo Won’t Update

You Update the logo in Google My Business (GMB) and it still asks you to Complete your business profile, 85%.

Google my business

In summary, this is a known issue with Google My Business Logo. Almost all businesses are currently experiencing this. Our digital marketing and web development agency manages hundreds of google my business profiles. Unfortunately, 90 % are impacted by this.

Therefore, if your business profile is having this issue, don’t worry. Google is currently working on this to get it resolved.

You don’t need to do anything further.

Continue to manage your google my beguines profile as you normally do.

Tips to rank better with your Google My Business (GMB) profile

  1. Complete all requested information in Google My Business.
  2. Have the right Primary Category and Additional Categories. Don’t overdo it here either. Too many additional categories can confuse google’s learning system.
  3. Italics, try to fill them all in.
  4. Have a compelling business description “From the business” with top searched keywords about your business. Don’t guess what the top searched keywords are. You need to be 100% sure through Google’s monthly search analytics.
  5. Add photos regularly, and geo-tag them to your business location. For example, front of the store, inside of the store, etc.
  6. Upload videos if possible.
  7. Add products and services.
  8. Have a relevant “Profile short name”. Grab a high-ranking keyword before your competitors do.
  9. Ensure you have accurate business hours.
  10. Request positive reviews and respond to them asap.
  11. Make sure messaging is turned on. Respond to messages within minutes.
  12. The website connected to the profile must have a lot of great information, be fast, mobile-friendly, and have great backlinks.
  13. Post Articles regularly.
  14. Add questions and answers that your customers might typically ask.
  15. Additional industry specifics like “accepted health insurance” for medical companies and booking appointments for companies that need scheduling.

Contact us if you need Help

If you need a digital marketing agency to help you with your online marketing, let us know. We manage multiple high-ranking businesses and keep them at the top.

There are a lot of things to do with a Google My Business profile to make sure it ranks well. We will get you there!

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