Google Ads How to Pause for Holidays

During the holidays, a business needs to pause Google Ads for multiple days. Why run an ad if it won’t be seen? Holiday traction comes to a screeching halt. Why run an ad if it won’t be seen? It’s not practical to log in every day before the holiday and manually disable and enable each ad campaign.

Here’s how to set a schedule to pause google ads during the holidays:

How to Create an Automated Schedule

In Google Ads, you will need to create each rule individually. For example, you will need to create one rule to pause on Christmas day and another rule to resume after Christmas. Pausing on Christmas does not mean it will automatically restart after. Each rule has to be created separately. Here’s how you do it:

Create an automated rule to pause the campaigns

  1. Log into Google Ads. Click on Campaigns, More (three dots), and then select Create an automated rule.
Google Ads Pause for Holidays How to Set a Schedule 2

2. Rule Page: You will see this screen to create a rule.

Bus Web Design - Create an Automated Schedule for Holiday

3. Create a rule to pause for the holiday.

Name: name the rule to pause the campaign. For example, we are naming this one Pause Christmas 2022.

Action: on the bottom, choose Pause Campaigns. Under “Apply to” you can choose specific campaigns.

Frequency: Select Once and set the date you want it to pause. For a time, scroll down to Set Time and set it to a custom time. We chose 8 am.

Finally, save this rule.

** Very important **: We need to create a new rule to enable or resume the ad after the holiday pause.

Pause google ads Christmas 2022

Create an automated rule to resume the campaigns after the holiday

Following the same rules as above, create another rule to enable or resume the campaign after the holidays. This will automatically resume the ads after the holidays.

Enable Christmas 2022

Review the rules

After you have created all the rules, you want to review them and make sure they are all in place.

On the top, click on Tools and Settings and then Rules.

Google ads pause for holidays Review the rules

Here, we have rules set up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Notice we created an individual rule to pause and an individual rule to resume for each holiday. Now, sit back and let the automated holiday schedule take its course.

Look at Rules to find rules

Happy holidays from Bus Web Design!