[Fixed] – Samsung UHD TV squeaks like a mouse instead of turning on


Symptom 1: When trying to turn the TV on, it squeaks like a mouse three time. Sometimes it will turn on, sometimes it won’t.
Symptom 2: You turn the TV off, it turns back on 25% of the time.


  1. There are three capacitors that are bad.
  2. You will need to replace them.
Samsung UHD TV squeaks Motherboard

Replacement Capacitors

Capacitor: 25V 470uF 105 degree centigrade (buy replacement on amazon for about $7). Ebay has them cheaper but takes a month to arrive.

Samsung UHD TV squeaks like a mouse Replacement Capacitors

How to Replace

  1. Open the back panel of the TV. (YouTube the model).
  2. Take off the Power motherboard (on the right side, Tan color). YouTube is as well. The board has clips and comes off easily.
  3. Use a Solder Iron to heat the back of the Capacitor connections and pull them off with a plier.
  4. Insall the new capacitor by heating the solder points and cut the extra leads.
  5. Test and it should work.
  6. Reassemble TV.
  7. Works like a champ!