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Custom Web Design or Template? What to Use for Your Business?

custom web design - buswebdesign

The world of website creation can be a scary endeavor, especially if you are unversed in the formal terms used by us coding nerds. To the common ear, custom web design sounds like nothing more than a complicated matrix of colors, shapes, and HTML words strung together to create a website that’s both expensive and … Read more

Google Ads How to Pause for Holidays

pause google ads - buswebdesign

During the holidays, a business needs to pause Google Ads for multiple days. Why run an ad if it won’t be seen? Holiday traction comes to a screeching halt. Why run an ad if it won’t be seen? It’s not practical to log in every day before the holiday and manually disable and enable each … Read more

Starting a Business? Here Are 5 Must-Haves for Success

starting a business - web bus design

So, you have decided that starting a personal business is the next move in your life path. Congratulations. Not only is it difficult to come up with a great idea for a business, but it takes an ample amount of bravery to even step forward into the light. Maybe you’ve quit your day job. Maybe … Read more

Google My Business Logo Won’t Update

Google my business

You Update the logo in Google My business (GMB) and it still asks you to Complete your business profile, 85%. In summary, this is a known issue with Google My Business Logo. Almost all businesses are currently experiencing this. Our digital marketing and web development agency manages hundreds of google my business profiles. Unfortunately, 90 … Read more